cruise ship

cruise ship
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome to Driftwood by the Sea!!

We are so pleased that you have stopped by! We are starting a New Year and a new decade with a Blog to work along side of our Website ( The web site is for our RV Park and Cottages located on the Discovery Passage in Campbell River,B.C.

We can keep you up to date on the weather, where the whales are, what the fishing is like and what is happening here at the Park.

We are looking forward to seeing our returning SnowBirds in their RV's and also looking forward to our Guests that will be coming to enjoy our beautiful ocean view Cottages.
Our winter has been mild and wet, rather than white, so we are all happy about this. Our guests, who have stayed over the winter in their RV's have had a relaxing and easy time. They have been out for lots of walks on the SeaWalk, golfing, fishing and skiing on Mt. Washington. Guests from the colder parts of Canada have kept us busy through our cooler season as well, enjoying the Cottages and the terrific views of the ocean , sea traffic and the Lighthouse from their front windows.

Later this week we will be at +10 degrees c. - amazing for January! It won't be long before we will start to see the Cruise Ships plying the waters in front of our Park again. The picture that you see above was taken during the Summer of '09.

We plan to post at least once a week. So to keep up to date - check back as often as you can! For all of our returning Guests - we are looking forward to your return!